The Neptune Society of San Diego is on-call 24 hours a day. Upon death, all details are handled as directed, thus relieving survivors of turmoil and indecision.

When receiving a call from any hospital or a home, our Counselor’s first function is to establish communication with the family of the deceased, assuring them that we are here to help and to carry out the directives of the deceased.
Our transportation service is dispatched to make the removal, and the deceased is then taken to our holding facility. Embalming is unnecessary, and cosmetology is not required. The death certificate is then prepared and taken to the office of the attending physician or coroner for a signature. When required, the person who is in charge of arrangements is asked to meet with us to sign the Disposition Permit, which must be filed, along with the death certificate, at the San Diego, California, County Health Department. After these documents have been filed, the deceased is taken to a licensed crematory for cremation.
After cremation, the ashes are prepared for scattering into the sea either by boat or plane. The body’s natural elements are returned to the earth—no embalming chemicals and no expensive casket are required. Upon request, ashes may be returned to the family so that they can conduct their own scattering, or deliver them to a cemetery for placement in a niche or plot in accordance with California State Law. Neptune Society of San Diego can also deliver the cremated remains to Ft. Rosecrans for military services.
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A Neptune Society of San Diego Counselor is always available to discuss pre-planning or assist in case of immediate need with anyone who desires information.

Our fees, which are paid at the time of services rendered, may be recovered in part or in full, by governmental benefits. A Neptune Society Counselor will prepare Social Security and Veterans Administration papers to assist the person in charge of arrangements in recovering these funds.